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Did you know that the biggest killer of C-level executives is a heart attack?

Jim Cantalupo

CEO McDonalds

Died: Age 60

Heart Attack

Michael Browne

CEO Datacom Group

Died: Age 46

Heart Attack

Brenda Barnes

CEO Sara Lee

Age 56


Vin Prothro

CEO Dallas Semiconductor

Died: Age 58

Heart Attack

Phil Baxter


Died: Age 48

Heart Attack


What would the cost be to your company if one one your key executives was suddenly gone?

Today, the current standard of care for cardiovascular disease treatment is based on general common risk factors such as cholesterol level, age, sex, weight, activity level and more. Unfortunately, these only provide a generalized statistical prediction of their risk of having a heart attack or stroke. They tell you very little about personal, individual risk.

Now there is a better way...

With the aid of new technology, we can now detect the presence of diseased arteries long BEFORE they result in a heart attack or stoke and long before they can be detected by traditional medical tests. This new technology is not available from physicians or most hospitals. These results, combined with a new approach of treating the individual based on advanced personalized biometric tests, allow us to now dramatically decrease the chances that your key executives will EVER suffer from a heart attack or stroke.

An amazing statement but TRUE.

Join us in Orlando, FL
for the
2018 Healthy Executive Summit
March 2 - 4, 2018

Hampton Inn OrlandoHampton Inn OrlandoHampton Inn Orlando

Hampton Inn Orlando-International Airport
5767 T G Lee Blvd, Orlando, FL 32822 • (407) 888-2995

Mention "The Healthy Executive Summit" for special room rate of $99; Group Code: PHS
Free shuttle from the Orlando Airport

Why The Hampton Inn? In addition to brand new updated meeting and guest rooms, they are the ONLY property in Orlando that will allow us to bring in our own personal chef from the outside. We think it’s VERY important for you to learn and experience how delicious and easy-to- prepare healthy whole foods can be. If you would like to stay at an alternative location, here are some that are close by:
Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport: 407-825-1234
Orlando Airport Marriot Lakeside: 407-851-9000
Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport: 407-240-5555

Your key executives will receive
  • EARLY DETECTION. Using some of the most advanced, non-invasive technology available today, a measure of their current, personal, cardiac risk. They'll know what's happening long before other traditional medical tests could ever detect a potential problem.
  • BEYOND WHAT'S NORMAL. Their personalized results of cutting edge biometric measurements. Their physician, and even most cardiologists, are not testing these.
  • ADVANCED GENETIC TESTING that will reveal the particular, specific cause of any cardiovascular disease present and how to control it. If they knew what to look for and where to get these tests, it would cost thousands of dollars, just for these tests alone. All included at this event.
  • DISCOVER THEIR TRUE DEFICIENCIES AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT THEM. Diets low in vitamin and minerals have been shown to contribute to arthritis, Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Surveys show that many people who use supplements are not targeting their true deficiencies. Now they will know.
  • A PLAN OF ACTION TO SAVE THEIR LIFE. They will learn how to dramatically decrease the chances that they will EVER suffer from a heart attack or stroke.

IMPORTANT: This is not just another executive health program. There are plenty of those available nationally. This program is specifically, uniquely, aimed at preventing the #1 health threat to C-level executives.

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Free 24-Page Report Reveals "Why Trusting Your Physician Can Result In A Heart Attack"
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Your personal faculty

Your host...    David Meinz, MS, RDN, FAND, CSP

David Meinz speaks internationally to businesses and associations about living life to the fullest with maximum energy and health. He shows those audiences how to improve their health for maximum personal and professional productivity. Author of the books 10 Bonus Years; The Enemy Within; Healthy Sales; and Wealthy, Healthy & Wise, he's also received the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association. A successfully treated patient of Dr. Bale and Dr. Doneen, at his events David is a nationwide proponent of their unique approach. Go to

David Meinz

Dr. Ford Brewer

Dr. Brewer is the founder and medical director of PreMed in Nashville, TN. He specializes in prevention, primary care and telemedicine. Dr. Brewer trained at Johns Hopkins, where he went on to run the postgraduate training program in preventive medicine. He's certified in the Bale/Doneen method for heart attack and stroke prevention and has over 25 publications in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Ford Brewer

Janice Derrickson, DPT, EdD, MPH, MS

Janice has a doctorate in education from The Johns Hopkins University with specific research in patient education techniques. Dr. Derrickson also has a MPH from Hopkins in Health Policy and Management and a doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of Kentucky. She was also an Instructor at the Johns Hopkins University and an Assistant Professor at New York Medical College.

Janice Derrickson

Dr. Doug Thompson

Dr. Thompson is a dentist in private practice at Integrative Oral Medicine in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and understands the vital connection between oral health and the prevention of heart disease and stroke. He employs advanced DNA bacterial testing methods and other leading-edge dental science to enable early risk assessment and personalized treatment planning. Dr. Thompson is also the founder of the Wellness Dentistry Network; an internet based community of dentists with a keen awareness of how oral conditions affect whole body health.

Doug Thompson

Tammie Holland, B.S

Tammie Holland has worked in the pharmaceutical/diagnostics field for over 20 years. She is passionate about preventive and functional medicine and is a strong advocate of the tangible benefits of nutrition-based therapies for the treatment and prevention of today’s major health issues. Tammie will explain the unique proprietary Spectracell system of nutrition analysis and interpret each attendee’s results.

Tammie Holland

Stephanie Fanner

Stephanie “Chef Steph” Fanner is our personal chef who will be preparing really great-tasting meals during our event. She specializes in plant-based whole foods that taste great! Steph will show us how we can easily integrate healthier foods into a busy lifestyle. “Delicious food that’s good for you!” is her motto.

Stephanie Fanner
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